What Do Malaysians Look For When Buying A House

In Malaysia, Asian traditions and culture has taught us to get a good home for ourselves as soon as we possibly can. As time has passed, that basic need for a roof over our heads has not changed. What has changed however is what we look for in a home.

The current generation of homebuyers have a very different ideal about what a home should be like, compared to the older generation.

With that said, let us take a look at what today’s Malaysians look for when they are buying a home.

1. Within Budget

No matter how good a property may be, if it isn’t affordable it isn’t ideal. Homebuyers should be well aware of their budget. Most homebuyers do not want to compromise their current lifestyle because of a property that is out of their affordability. Most young people prefer to be realistic and keep their budget in mind.

2. Convenience

When looking for a home, many homebuyers will look first at how convenient it is for them. How close is it to public transport? How close is it to friends and family? How easy it is to get to work from home? What amenities are nearby? How good are the said amenities? What do I plan to do with this house in the future? Homebuyers will ask themselves all these questions when looking for their ideal home and depending on the answer they might say yes or no to a particular property.

3. Conducive Environment

Homebuyers who are married with children may be looking for something more than just convenience in their home. They may be looking for a safe environment in which to bring up their children. In this case, closeness to amenities such as a supermarket and a school play a huge factor. Some may be looking for more space for their children, in which case a landed property would probably be ideal. A good neighbourhood with parks and other children to play with will also be a plus point.

4. Safety

A safe house is a happy house. No one wants to stay in an unsafe neighbourhood with a high crime rate. When it comes to safety, a gated and well-guarded community will be ideal. This holds especially true for families with small children and retirees. With most parents working, the security of their children/parents is a major priority.

Everyone is looking for an ideal home, and it is very much an attainable goal. With careful planning and foresight, finding and getting your dream house doesn’t have to stay a dream. You can make it a reality.

Article by: IQI Global

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