6 Questions When Buying Off The Plan

Congrats! You have found the perfect off the plan property as your ideal home – but now you have these questions and thinking, where can I find the answers?

No worries, we got you covered!

1. How much deposit does one need to buy off the plan?

When buying off-the-plan, have the number 10% deposit on your financial planning before you sign the contract, including the balance date, too, for a smoother transition. 

Do remember the developer receives the interest on the deposit. 

However, it’s always wise to them this question as you can often negotiate to share part or full payment of the interest with the developer.

2. How long does an off-the-plan property take to build?

It depends as construction times vary depending on the size of the building – with much larger developments such as condominiums take longer to build.

3. Will my purchased property be identical to the showroom display?

While imagination is fun and all, the display is created to provide a good measure of the quality of your property. You will need to inspect how your property will differ from the display, as there are usually many different types within every construction.

Ask whether the display is the same in terms of the rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom dimensions and layout.

4. Do you pay stamp duty when buying off-the-plan?

Whether you pay stamp duty or transfer duty on your new off-the-plan apartment will depend on a few things, including what state you have bought in, the price of your new home and whether you’re a first-home buyer owner-occupier, local investor or foreign investor.  

5. Can I get a mortgage to buy off the plan?

Yes, you can get a mortgage for off-the-plan. It’s best to speak to your bank or financial adviser to find a loan that best suits your situation.

It’s worth noting that fixing your interest rate is one way to minimise exposure to interest rate rises. However, locking in a fixed loan rate may mean you may have to pay break costs if you want to pay out the loan early.

6. Can I negotiate off-the-plan prices?

While most off-the-plan properties come with a fixed price, vendors might still be open to negotiation.

Your best bet is to get in early once the properties hit the market – or during pre-sales – as they will likely want to show a good sales rate during the early phase.

Article by: IQI Global

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