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The Property

Welcome to Ferringhi Residences 2, where the art of modern living meets the tranquility of Batu Ferringhi’s prime location. This architectural masterpiece spans 1565 square feet, offering a haven of sophistication and comfort. In the ever-evolving landscape of urban living, space is a luxury, and Ferringhi Residences 2 understands this intimately. The well-thought-out layout prioritizes both open spaces and cozy corners, providing you with the perfect canvas for personalization. From the expansive living room to the intimate bedrooms, every inch of the 1565 sqft invites you to create a home that reflects your unique style.

But what sets Ferringhi Residences 2 apart is not just the space it offers; it’s the seamless move-in condition living it promises. As you step into your new home, you’ll find it fully furnished with meticulously curated pieces that blend opulence with practicality. No more worrying about the logistics of moving – Ferringhi Residences 2 is a turnkey solution, a ready-made home awaiting your personal touch.

Nestled within the embrace of Batu Ferringhi, this residence goes beyond four walls; it’s a retreat into nature’s beauty. The large windows invite the natural light to dance through your living spaces, creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary. Step onto the balcony, and you’re greeted by panoramic views that seamlessly connect your home with the lush surroundings. It’s not just a residence; it’s a sanctuary, bringing the serenity of nature to your doorstep.

Sitting on the mountain while facing towards to the Andaman Sea, great Feng Shui overall 😘

Yet, as you enter the gates of Ferringhi Residences 2, a sense of calm descends. The bustling city life gives way to a private oasis, where the only soundtrack is the gentle rustle of leaves and the distant murmur of the sea. It’s the perfect balance of accessibility and tranquility, a feature that defines the lifestyle offered by Ferringhi Residences 2. This residence is not just a property; it’s a statement—a celebration of luxury, comfort, and convenience. The modern amenities seamlessly integrated into the design elevate your living experience. From state-of-the-art kitchen appliances to luxurious bathroom finishes, every detail reflects a commitment to quality and comfort. Ferringhi Residences 2 is a fusion of contemporary convenience and timeless elegance.

In conclusion, Ferringhi Residences 2 invites you to experience a lifestyle where every moment is an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary. It’s more than a residence; it’s a canvas for your dreams, a celebration of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Welcome to Ferringhi Residences 2—where the prime location of Batu Ferringhi becomes the backdrop for a life well-lived, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the convenience of modern living.

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The Neighborhood

Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi is a suburb of George Town in the Malaysian state of Penang. Located along the northern coast of Penang Island and about 11 km northwest of the city centre, it is the prime beach destination in Penang among locals and tourists. To cater to the influx of tourists, several major high-rise hotels have been established along the 4 km stretch of beaches. The beach resorts along Batu Ferringhi also offer various water sport activities, such as parasailing. On a clear day, one could get a picturesque view of the Andaman Sea and Mount Jerai, which is located within the neighbouring state of Kedah. In addition, Batu Ferringhi is famous for its night market that offers a wide variety of merchandise and street food.

In addition, Batu Ferringhi is home to a significant expatriate population due to the tranquil environment, a lot of greens & beaches and varieties of choices of luxury residential from beachfront houses to private lift high-rise condominiums. Most of the time, Batu Ferringhi is the perfect vacation home for expatriates in Penang because of the beaches, street foods, relaxing vibes and of course, the tranquil living experiences who wanna escape their busy city life.


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